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July 14, 2016

The Governments of the DR and Antigua and Barbuda are deepening relations every day

Meeting with NAO

Santo Domingo, DN,

The governments of the Dominican Republic and Antigua and Barbuda, mutually expressed their willingness to design a common agenda, which narrows steadily bilateral relations, and thus creates the conditions for a dynamic cooperation on issues related to the framework of the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM), of which both countries are parties, as trade, promoting investment and exports, which can be supported by the Program Private Sector Support, implemented by the Caribbean Export Agency.

In a roundtable led by the National Authorising Officers of both countries, Clarence Henry from Antigua and Barbuda and Ambassador Antonio Vargas Hernandez from Dominican Republic, who received him in his office of the Directorate General of Multilateral Cooperation. They also discussed various issues of common interest such as tourism, culture and sport, and training of human resources, among others.

Precisely, Mr. Henry, is located in Santo Domingo accompanied by a group of businessmen from his country, making institutional contacts, and Dominican businessmen to deepen cooperation in trade and investment issues.

The two counterparts agreed on the desire of both countries to focus on establishing relationships that can serve as a beacon of light or concerning other countries in the region.

One of the elements highlighted in the work coordination meeting, and which contains an enormous significance in the framework of bilateral relations of cooperation, is the fact that about 20,000 Dominicans make up the Creole diaspora in the nation friend.

Vargas Hernandez, expressed his satisfaction with the meeting with his counterpart Clarence Henry, which praised, highlighting the vision of comprehensive development with the two leaders, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, and Dominican President Danilo Medina Sánchez on mutual cooperation to be established between the two nations and the two National Authorising assume it absolutely.

The important meeting was also attended by Lidia Encarnaci├│n, Director of Cooperation and Regional Integration DIGECOOM; Escipion Oliveira, Executive Director of Caribbean Export, and Barbara Williams, Deputy National Authorising Officer of Antigua and Barbuda.