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April 24, 2015

A Synopsis of the Trade Mission Activities in Martinique via the Meeting Agenda

April 24th 2015

The Antiguan and Barbudan Delegation included Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry Ms.Sandra Joseph, CEO of the Tourism Authority Mr. Colin James, Port Manager of the Port Authority Mr. Darwin Telemaque and Ambassador of Investment and Culture Amb. Saiid Greene and Deputy National Authorizing Officer Ms. Barbara Williams made a courtesy call on Professor Jean Crusol, Chairman of Economic Affair Commission of the Regional Council of Martinique. The purpose of that engagement was to identify the areas of cooperation between Antigua and Barbuda and Martinique. During the discussion the following areas of cooperation was identified, which would bring immediate benefit to both countries:

1. Skills training in the tourism sector including student exchanges
2. Education and cultural exchanges at the high school level
3: Multi- destination marketing in the area of cruise and travel
4. Air and sea transportation to support the tourism sector and for the movement of goods and people
5. Antigua to share best practice experience with Martinique in the tourism sector
6. Martinique to share best practice experience in the area of port development and infrastructure

During lunch the Delegation was greeted by Serge Letchimy President of the Regional Council of Martinique who offered warm words of welcome.

The Delegation received a series of presentation by senior officials of the Regional Council with responsibility for renewable energy, sports, culture, and ICT. The purpose of the presentations was to provide the Delegation with the with the strategies and policy initiatives in the mentioned areas. During the presentation the following areas of cooperation were identified:

1: Training for persons in the area of visual arts
2: Digitizing and documentation of cultural documents and artifacts
3: Heritage restoration of historical sites and monuments
4: In the area of renewable energy there is much to learn from Martinique regarding their strategy and experience to lessen their dependence of fossil fuels and lowering their consumption patterns.
The Delegation indicated that a possible project could be the provision of assistance to small hotel properties in Antigua to use solar energy.

On Friday, April 24th, the business-to-business meeting will be the focus of the engagement, where the companies on the mission will engage with buyers, sellers and distributors in Martinique. The business engagement was organized by the Martinique Chamber of Commerce. The Delegation will also engage in exchanges with the Regional Council on the opportunities for funding the various initiatives of cooperation identified during the Mission.