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May 7, 2015

Minister of Education, the Hon. Michael Browne meets with EU representative Dr. Steven Boyce to discuss the possibility of undertaking an Education Sector Analysis


May 5th, 2015

The Ministry of Education is seeking to undertake an education sector analysis, accordingly the Office of the National Authorizing Officer (NAO) facilitated a meeting between the Minister of Education, Science and Technology Hon. Michael Browne and Dr. Stephen Boyce Programme Manager (Education) from the Delegation of the European Union to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean this morning. The Meeting discussed the feasibility of undertaking an Institutional Audit and Economic Assessment of the country’s education sector.

Minister Browne expressed a desire to see the development of an education sector that is responsiveness to the labour market, a necessity in a modern economy, while emphasising the need to have a quality educational product and efficiency in delivery of educational services within the sector.

The elements being considered for inclusion in the Assessment includes the development of a modern dynamic curriculum; educational management and governance at the sector and institutional levels; creating a more responsive Ministry to the needs of sector among other things.

The completed study would be utilized to leverage further sustainable financing to provide a new financing model to be utilized in effective budgeting of the sector.

The commissioning of the proposed Institutional Audit and Economic Assessment will build on the recommendations from a previous EU financed Broad Based Education Sector Study 2006.

Also present at the meeting were Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry, National Authorizing Officer and Ms. Barbara Williams, Deputy NAO.