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July 24, 2015

Commencement of Archaeological Survey for Fort George Restoration Project

24th July, 2015

The Antigua and Barbuda Spain Bilateral Cooperation programme proceeds as Spanish Archaeologist, Ms. Beatriz Marin Aguilera will be on island from 26th July – 13th August, 2015 to participate in an Archaeological survey at the Fort George site.

The objective of the archaeological survey is to ascertain data on the historical remnants at the site. This exercise is a precursor to the site restoration which will be undertaken following the restoration course set for October 12th, 2015.

Along with Spanish expert Ms. Marin, the restoration team will include local Archaeologist Dr. Reginald Murphy and eight (8) professionals with expertise among other things in the fields of archaeology, geography, excavation, surveying, forensic science, computer applications in archaeology.

The Work Programme for the three weeks of archaeological work will include: collecting photographs using drone photography; locating and identifying buildings and features; conducting an archaeological assessment, mapping sensitive areas for future research and excavations; formulating a report and preparing rough estimates of the costs of stabilization and repair of the exterior walls among other tasks.

Minister of Culture, Hon. E. P. Chet Greene once again lauded the Spanish Government for their commitment to the project and welcomed the visit of Spanish Archeologist Marin. Minister Greene emphasized the importance of the preservation of our historical sites and highlighted the need for training and capacity building of locals in the area of restorative work. He cautioned citizens to have greater respect for our national heritage landmarks and to desist from purposely continuing to damage the fortifications.

“The Monks Hill restoration project brings us that much closer to realizing our heritage tourism potential. It provides the right environment to stimulate the economic growth and development of a niche sector with tremendous employment opportunities,” he said.

Project Coordinator Ms. Arita Phillip said “The project is progressing quite well. The undertaking of this archaeological work will undoubtedly assist in the development of our nation’s tourism product and provide opportunities for the nation to tap into additional markets.”