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September 13, 2013

2011 National Baking Competition


The Antigua & Barbuda EPA Implementation Unit was invited to make featured remarks at a nation-wide baking competition sponsored by the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC), the manufacturers of Purity Flour enriched flour and Inter-Island Sales, the local distributor. Partaking in the competition were local bakers representing bakeries, local retailers and hotels, including Rose Bakery, Epicurean Pastry and Galley Bay Resort among others.

Ms. Barbara Williams, EPA Implementation Coordinator, gave brief remarks, on behalf of Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry, stating that this event was an excellent forum of the display of the talents within the baking community but urged bakers to ‘adopt the widely acceptable regional and/or international standards for the baked products.‘ This will ensure that bakers are able ‘to compete within the national and regional markets for which you all have access to (through established trade arrangements).‘ Leading from this point, Ms. Williams encouraged the baking community to be ‘conversant of the different bilateral trade agreements such as the CSME, the OECS Economic Union and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which can be used as tools to expand your business opportunities beyond Antigua and Barbuda.’

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